Significantly improve both physical and mental fitness

Thai massages

Traditional Thai massage is a unique massage discipline that is appreciated for its therapeutic effects. It significantly improves both physical and mental fitness. It focuses on influencing the flow of life energy by applying pressure to the so-called meridians, a system of points in the body through which life energy flows. It includes a sophisticated system of stretching exercises, palpation and massage techniques that have been proven for more than 2500 years to have a beneficial effect on the human body.

The best quality natural oils, organic coconut oil, Thai herbal creams, herbs and aloe vera preparations are used in the massage.

We offer: Traditional Thai massage, Thai back, shoulder and neck massage; Thai relaxing massage with coconut oil and aromatic oils, Herbal ball massage, Thai foot massage, Guasha massage, Anti-cellulite massage, Full body exfoliation massage, Facial and hand massage.

Do you need to relax, regenerate and recharge your batteries? Do you have health problems and your back hurts? A healing traditional Thai massage is right for you. Get new energy and enjoy life.

Traditional Thai massage is suitable for:

chronic back pain and muscle stiffness, scoliosis, spinal blockages

headaches and migraine

in rehabilitation after operations and injuries, in convalescence

impaired joint mobility and shortened muscles

in multiple sclerosis, stress and depression

helps after sports and work performance

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