Significantly improve both physical and mental fitness

Wellness procedures

If you are looking for relaxation and well-being, do not hesitate to visit our wellness centre, where we offer a wide range of massages. All massages are performed in a pleasant environment using quality oils and natural essences. Massages will help you get rid of stress, tension, muscle and joint pain and improve your circulation and immunity.

After the massage you can relax in our sauna, whirlpool or swimming pool. We look forward to welcoming you to the BELLEVUE**** Grand Hotel , where we will provide you with not only professional care, but also an unforgettable experience.

Reflex massage

helps to maintain harmonious and optimal functionality of organs and glands, stimulates the immune system, has a preventive effect.

Lava stone massage

old for thousands of years is one of the most luxurious massages ever. Great for relaxation and stress relief.


especially suitable for chronic inflammations of the upper and lower respiratory tract, bronchial asthma.

Kneipp footbaths

alternating bath in cold and warm water. It is suitable for disorders of blood circulation in the lower limbs and varicose veins.

Whirlpool baths

freely available in the relax zone – provide muscular and mental relaxation, blood circulation, pain relief and improved joint flexibility.

Parafango and peat wrap

a warm mixture of mud and paraffin, or peat, is placed in a packet on the painful area. Thanks to this procedure, blood circulation is improved, the body’s tissues are oxygenated and pain is relieved.


uses the therapeutic effects of magnetic fields on biological tissues. (anti-inflammatory effect, support of healing processes and anti-edema action, etc.).


inhalation of air enriched with oxygen by 40-60%. It improves physical fitness and mental performance, facilitates tolerance of stresses and eliminates their consequences.


the health benefits of essential oils in aromatherapy baths, massages and saunas. Essential oils and music help to create the right atmosphere for relaxation.

Price list of wellness procedures

Classical massage - local25 min.27,00 €
Full body massage50 min.48,00 €
Aromatherapy massage25 min.29,00 €
Local massage with lava stones25 min.30,00 €
Full body massage with lava stones50 min.50,00 €
Reflex foot massage25 min.30,00 €
Peat wrap20 min.15,00 €
Oxygenotherapy30 min.15,00 €
Inhalations with Vincentka15 min.15,00 €
Fango-paraffin - local20 min.15,00 €
Bathrobe - rental1 pc4,00 €

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