Zamkovského Chalet

The Zamkovského Chalet (1475 m above the sea) is a very nice chalet situated in the lower part of the Malá Studená dolina (the Small Cold Valley).
The chalet was built in 1943 by Štefan Zamkovský (1908 - 1961), a famous mountain-guide and a climber, and his wife Ludmila.
During the Second World War persecuted political prisoners, Slovak guerrillas and Jewish families used the chalet. After it was nationalised by communistic state authorities, Štefan Zamkovský became the one responsible for the Bilíkova Mountain-cottage. A couple of weeks later he was assigned by the same state authorities as a "capitalist" and had to leave the High Tatras. In 1952 he moved with his family to Banská Štiavnica. He died on May 15, 1961. The Mountain Rescue Service members gave him "in memoriam" a silver badge symbolising the Mountain guide of the I. class. In 1992 the chalet was returned to the ownership of the successors of Štefan Zamkovský.

How to get there: Hrebienok(0h00"/0h00"), Starý Smokovec (green, 0h30"/0h45"), (red-blue, 2h50"/2h15"), Zamkovského chata (red, 1h05"/1h05").

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