Zbojnícka chalet

Zbojnícka chalet (1 960 m) is situated in Velká Studená dolina (Great Cold Valley) in the High Tatras. Year-round open chalet offers lots of opportunities for hiking, climbing and skiing.

The Ungarian Forest Association built here a small gamekeepers` chalet in 1907. After several small renovations it was open to public in 1910. Another building was added to the main one in 1924. Thus the current chalet arose. It was reconstructed in 1984 and in 1986.

The name "Zbojnícka" means "forest robbers", which is a part of the owner`s family history, who was used to illegally hunting animals. The chalet is very attractive for tourists and often visited not only in the summer season.

HOW TO GET THERE: Hrebienok (blue - red, 2h15"/2h50"), Bilíkova chata (blue - red, 2h15"/2h50"), horský hotel Hrebienok (blue - red, 2h30"/3h05"), Rainerova chata (blue, 1h55"/2h30"), Vodopády Studeného potoka (blue - red, 2h15"/2h50"), Téryho chata Priečne sedlo (žltá, 3h00"), Sliezsky dom through Poľský hrebeň a sedlo Prielom (blue - green, 3h45"/3h45"), Zamkovského chata (blue-red, 2h25"/3h00"), Zamkovského chata through Priečne sedlo (yellow - green, disabled direction /5h00"), Lysá Poľana (blue, 6h15"/6h30").

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