Reinerova chalet - Museum of winter sports

It is the oldest chalet in the High Tatras. Ján Juraj Rainer built it in 1863. It was closed after the chalet Kamzík was built in 1884. Later, in 1998 it was renovated. Since that time it has been open for public as a place offering simple refreshment for tourists without accommodation. In the chalet, there is a small exposition of a history of porters, a collection of old equipment and ski. It is a precious treasury of original chalet architecture. An interesting tradition is a program of "bowing to the Three kings" at the Bethlehem (a folk group of children from Lendak village).

HOW TO GET THERE: Vodopády Studeného potoka (červená, 0h20"/0h20"), stredisko Hrebienok (červená, 0h35"/0h35"), Bilíkova chata (červená, 0h35"/0h35"), horský hotel Hrebienok (červená, 0h35"/0h35"), Zamkovského chata (červená, 0h30"/0h30"), Zbojnícka chata (modrá, 2h30"/1h55"), Sliezsky dom (červená, 2h40"/1h50"), Téryho chata (červená-zelená, 2h30"/2h10"), Skalnaté pleso (červená, 1h40"/1h20"), Skalnatá chata (červená, 1h40"/1h20"), Tatranská Lesná (červená-žltá, 1h35"/1h50"), Tatranská Lomnica (červená-modrá, 1h50"/2h05"), Lysá Poľana cez sedlo Prielom (modrá, 8h45"/8h25").

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