Museum of Tatra National Park

The Museum of the Tatra National Park in Tatranská Lomnica has been serving the public for 50 years already. From its beginnings up to now it is a specialized museum in the field of protection of the nature of TANAP, focused on presentation of the living and non-living nature as well as human activities in this area. It also fulfills its irreplaceable function of discovering, documentation, presentation and education. Showpieces from the field of geology, fauna and flora, history and ethnography of the Tatra region are taken care of every day by specialists of the Research Station of the State Forests of TANAP.

Attempts to establish a museum in the High Tatras date back to the year 1874. It was found only on 1st April, 1957, however. The first exposition of the Museum of TANAP was open to public in 1959 in the former summer residence of counts Szécheny in Tatranská Lomnica. Thematically it was focused on nature of the national park and people under the Tatras. In the new building, serving the museum till today, expositions were open to public on 9st September 1969, on the occasion of the International symposium connected with the 20st anniversary of the legal establishment of TANAP.

In the collection fund of the Museum of TANAP there are natural scientific pieces (botany, zoology, geology and paleontology), historical pieces (map documentation, post cards, coins, various objects for everyday use and gallery collections) as well as pieces concerning the society (ethnography). A photo archive is also a part of the collection, the historical and professional literature is concentrated in the library. Interested visitors are offered projections of video-films or lectures about protection of nature in the national park. An irreplaceable role is given not only to information materials about the national park, maps, calendars, magazine Tatry or postcards, but also to professional literature about history and nature protection in the Tatras.

Exposition of the Tatra Nature - The north eastern periphery of Tatranská Lomnica is intended for the Exposition of the Tatra Nature. On an area of 3.2 hectares you can see more than 270 species of Tatra plants occupying various biotopes of the Tatras. The exposition is being opened at the beginning of May every year. The definite day is chosen according to the amount of snow which remained in the garden after the winter. But it is usually the second weekend of May.

And although Yellow Alpine Whitlowgrass, Purple Mountain Saxifrage, Slavonian Pasque Flower, Petrocallis Pyrenaica or Primula Minima finished blossoming already in the middle of April, there is still much to admire among flowers in the botanical garden. What is more, approximately 70 species of them can be bought in form of seedlings or seeds.

The Tatra botanical garden is interlaced with fine gravel paths. Over marshland there are wooden paths. It is easy to walk on them even with a pram or a wheelchair. And since last year there is a new waterfall with a supplying Stone lake in the garden.

In the Exposition of the Tatra Nature there is also a small geological area and a memorable place dedicated to those who pushed ahead and realized the idea of the Tatra National Park.

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